Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Medium Hairstyles 2012 For Woman With Images


The current thing in on the fashion frontier is the medium hairstyle. The medium by definition is actually the fall of hair on the shoulders or past the shoulders in assymetrical cuts. The cut is basically unstructured and involves myriads of cuts ranging from the traditional layers to the more bold inverse razor cut. The result is a beautifully freeflowing creation, hassle free and easy to manage. With a few strokes of your brush you can create a look that is suitable for a trip to the mall, a wall with the kids or simply to turn a few heads! We all want a bit of attention our way without sweating it over hair implements.
No length is safer than the medium. Simply put, it prevents you from being a prude since its not that long, and saves you from being a rocker punk since its not that short. 2011 was all about structuring and vibrant colors. 2012 is about practicality and making it attractive. Unstructuring is all the rage, and what’s more it converts boring hair to extraordinary hair. Simple as that all you need is to get a medium cut that suits your hair texture and viola! you have THE look.
A simple medium hairstyle 2012 has only subtle layers cut around the edges to lighten the length making it easy to blow-wave smooth with a little movement added to the ends for shape and style. The bangs are smoothed over to the side and completes the over-all 'do brilliantly.
Another medium hairstyle 2012 has only long layers cut around the edges to lighten the length making it easy to style into large waves. The bangs are blow-waved straight to frame the face and completes the over-all style magnificently. A little product is needed for hold and shine. If you want a medium casual hairstyle which has only long layers cut around the edges it softens up the face cut and helps give a rather illusionary look.
A simple do, called the blunt cut, uses straight ruler edge cuts that gives hair a solid fall round the back, yet is not harsh looking and gives a lot of flounce and volume to the hair. Medium hair is also great if you are deft enough to style it into various braids and add some funky add ons just to give a normal good look some sparkle and shine.


Karolina said...

Few brush strokes? Nah, it doesn't have a volume, I still need to apply heat.

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Amna khan said...

yeah, but do it on your own risk :)