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Weight lose:

4 sweet potatoes thin Menus detoxification and weight lose Introduction:   
    The sweet potato is not only nutritious, but living in the top of the anti-cancer food. The sweet potatoes are rich in fiber contribute to the treatment of constipation. Xiaobian teach you to do a simple potato diet, not only low in calories but also let you more satiety, easy to say goodbye to the title of the belly woman.

Weight loss weight loss method weight loss recipes melon thin:

One sweet potatoes, oat milk
Material: sweet potatoes 50g,
Oatmeal, low-fat milk 200c.c.
Seasoning: 1 tsp sugar (added according to personal taste)
  • Sweet potatoes Peel and wash into massive, oatmeal soaked for 10 minutes, and sweet potatoes together into the electric rice cooker steamed spare.

  • Beat can be steamed sweet potatoes, oatmeal and low-fat milk, sugar placed in a blender.
Ingredients, the weight-loss tips:

  • Oatmeal is rich in fiber. Soluble dietary fiber beta-glucan (beta-glucan) for the long chains of glucose molecules, can lower cholesterol, reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and stroke. With sweet potatoes with a high fiber food not only taste good, but also enhances satiety, promote bowel movements and help you lose weight it.

  • Second, the chicken sweet potatoes Egg
  • Materials: 30g chicken thighs
  • Sweet potatoes, 20g
  • Peas 10g,
  • Eggs a boiling water 60c.c.
  • Seasoning: pinch of salt, pepper


  • Chicken washed, peeled, boneless cut into the wire, sweet potatoes, washed and thinly and into the wire, soybeans washed spare.
  • Eggs play in a bowl slightly scattered
  • Add the chicken
·        Sweet potatoes
·        Silk
·        Soybean adds water and mix thoroughly before adding salt and pepper Placed in the electric rice cooker, you can increase the bottom pot boiling.

Ingredients, the weight-loss tips:

·        The sweet potato contains collagen and mucus polysaccharides, can prevent the hardening of arteries and keep blood vessels elastic and protect blood vessels and efficacy.
·        Sweet potatoes and chicken, eggs, made ​​with Egg, not only nutritious and delicious, but also take into account the beauty of beauty!

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