Thursday, 29 March 2012

Attract Girls and Know What she wants to see in you?

Sometimes you walk in the street, you think about things that bother you ... It's almost the partials, your bank account is overdrawn :) And then, presto! you see and you wonder how to attract a girl . It's like if you woke suddenly, your attention is focused ona face (or another body part) that is somehow separate from the rest of the crowd, in fact, the crowd, you do not even see . You do not see it. 
Why then this alarm? Just because the girl stands out. Hence the first rule for  attract a girl  -

Be different.
 of course it is not to walk in hot pink thong with a flashing light on the head. All that is really loud should be avoided unless you are able to bear the consequences: for example, if you dye your hairgreen, we must learn to find a valid explanation. Back on topic -there are several techniques to distinguish.

With regard to clothing - looks a little about how people around youdress in general. If you notice that everyone is wearing blackyou just have to put the whiteObviously I've simplified thingsbut you understood the principledoes not itAnother thing - your clothesmust be harmonicLook at the stars or politicians on TVtheir choice of clothes is done by professionals you can trust them.CautionThere are stars that it is important not to be modeled,unless you want to spend a clownI think of Elton John :)


 you have to look straight aheadhead up, shouldersand back straightSo you say to those around you, "Look, I have confidence in myself, I am strong, I'm doing well." This is extremely importantNobody notices people walking head down as if theywere afraid of something.
 Then ... If you had a right to look, especially do not turn yours.Wait 2-3 seconds and if the girl continues to watch you, use yoursecret weapon - a smileThis is really the most effective weapon in existence! If your smile has provoked a reaction from the girl (be it asmile or a look interested), you can go to the next step - beginning conversation.
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

20 essential things to know about women and hot girls

  • 1. Women love to shop. The stores are the only places in the world where they are really at ease.
  • 2. Women love a "deal". It's not a question of "need" but rather an irresistible urge to buy.
  • 3. Women never have anything to wear. And do not ask stupid questions on the amount of clothes that clutter the closet because "you can not understand".
  • 4. Women need to cry. And they will not do their own thing and all alone, no ... Unless they are sure you will hear them.
  • 5. Women will always ask you questions for which there is no right answer. This is just to make you feel guilty.
  • 6. Women love to talk. The silence scares them and they prefer to say anything to avoid it.
  • 7. women need to know that there are people worse than they. That's why they love to watch soaps on TV and talk show where we unwrap a sordid private life.
  • 8. women do not need as much sex as men. This is why men see things under the aspect of physical sex, while women see it as the sentimental aspect. In fact, just knowing that a man wants to have sex with them is sufficient to fill them sexually.
  • 9. Women hate insects and other bugs. Even the strongest of them need a man to get rid of a spider or a wasp.
  • 10. women can not keep a secret. For them, talking to two or three people, not to disclose it. And what good to be aware of a secret if you can not tell someone?
  • 11. Women always go to the bathroom in groups. It gives them a chance to gossip.
  • 12. women do not know not to answer a ringing phone, no matter what they do at this point, it is perhaps "the bag RTL".
  • 13. Women think all beer is like.
  • 14. women have always at least three different shampoos, plus two or three conditioner. And we do not talk all the paraphernalia of day creams, night, twilight etc. ...
  • 15. women do not understand the infatuation of men in sports. Men need it to escape everyday reality, while women are looking for something that reminds them of how reality * could * be horrible.
  • 16. If a man goes on a trip for a week, it will take clothes for 5 days (or less) and put some clothes twice, and if it is a woman who goes traveling for a week, it will take 21 different outfits because that she does not know what mood she will be every day.
  • 17. women wear their hair * before * going to bed.
  • 18. Look at how a woman eats her ice and you have a good idea of ​​his talents in bed.
  • 19. women are paid less than men. Unless a category: Top models.
  • 20. women have * never * wrong. Apologizing is always on the man "It is written in the Bible." Hmmm, who handed the apple to Adam?

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

All In One Hair Care Guide

Hair care
Important information for hair care:
Hair is made up of keratin which is the same protein that makes up nails and the outer layer of the skin. Hair shaft consists of:

1 layer thin external protective and without color:
Medium 2 layer (cortex) and give the hair color and hardness. 3 bone (found in permanent hair) and permeate the air spaces of its cells.

The root of the hair:
 The root of the hair and there under the skin in a part encysted and receives nutrition through capillaries minutes. The gland, which abouts this part and produce fatty substances gives hair brighter and make it more resistant to water and external factors. The bottoms of this part are the cells that divide and produce new hair.
It consists hair follicles in the fetus during its growth in the womb does not consist follicles new after birth and is called the first hair grows during pregnancy: fluff pregnancy, hair thin and free of melanin and flaking of this hair is usually at the eighth month of pregnancy and is called the first hair grow after birth. Fluff birth, a high and melanin-free growth to no more than 2 cm and remains in places free of hair, such as the forehead and areas where the infected hair loss.
Hair grows under the influence of male hormones. When puberty replace permanent hair birth place of hair and permanent hair longer and thicker and contains melanin.
And hair growth is affected by age or the presence of a medical condition or factors physiological variety, extending the growth phase active for poetry in ordinary people to 5 years or more, followed by phase transformation and a two-week to three weeks and then enters the hair stage sleep, which extends to 12 weeks before the fall of hair due to the growth of new hair.
Hair growth rate of 1 cm each month and is faster in summer than in winter. Hair grows and falls regularly it is natural to fall from 100 to 150 hairs per day from the scalp.

   And to keep the commandments of your hair, and make it more beautiful
You can deal with your hair a way that preserves the elegance and beauty through a commitment to some of the commandments, including:
1- Reducing the use of pigments and chemotherapy hair.
2- Massage the scalp with fingertips and gently during washing and rinsing.
3- Not to put the shampoo directly on the hair, but preferably diluted with warm water.
4- Rinse hair thoroughly and completely rid of shampoo until you get to the desired gloss.
5- The use of comb hair and rid it of dust and the contract before washing, it will be
6- Use lukewarm water with hair to rid it of dust outstanding - beginning with the
7- When you comb your hair is wet; Use a comb and large teeth, because the hair wet
    Pulsing quickly if you use a comb narrow tooth, and it damp hair pulsing quickly u
    Sings a comb narrow tooth, and it must avoid combing hair violently without wiring
    The hair first, because it leads to remove the hair from khasltha, or lead to cutting hair.
8- Use egg yolks with a quarter cup of "mayonnaise" for dry hair, and are advised to
     Make a warm bath for the hair and wrap it in a warm moist towel, and leave them for
     A quarter of an hour, then rinse with cold water.
9- Shower with hot water to clean the skin from the fat surface on the skin, and hot water
     Is useful in removing obesity, taking into account the gradient in the use of hot water,
     So you start using normal water, then Trfien heat gradually, with the washing of the
     Body from bottom to top.
10- To add ripples hair, start by separating Wisps comb tapered head, then damage to
     Each one on a roll; taking into account the hair is not tight on the fascia to preserve the
     Non-fall. The higher the fascia has become the largest Wisps in Altmaog softer, but
     The small fascia makes the hair more wrinkled, and are advised not to use the electric
     Dryer for waves of any size, because it works on the bombing bulbs, dry hair, and loss
     Of luster.
Causes of hair loss:
Ten Reasons for hair loss:
     Hair falling out for many reasons, and to maintain your hair and appearance you need to know the reasons for hair loss avoided.

 Top ten reasons for hair loss:
1- Some organic diseases lead to hair loss, including and defective secretion of thyroid
    And pituitary gland and diabetes and when the hair loss because of that you must
    Comply with the treatment which the doctor says is exactly.
2- Anemia and iron deficiency is important to feed the hair follicles.
3- Lay off the hair the wrong way or severity incorrectly.
4- Disruption of the secretion of hormones to organic causes or external, such as taking
    the pill.
5- Psychological state where bad hair falling out after 3 to 4 months post-crisis
6- Alopecia is a disease known and commonly affects men and women.
7- Genetic factor affects men and mainly affects women after the age of specific.
8- Some drugs have something to do with antibiotics, including and thyroid cancer treatment drugs.
9- Maximizing the use of dyes and hair products rich in chemical and preferred to use those types manufactured from natural materials.
10-Diet (diet) which causes severe food shortages for which weakens hair and makes it vulnerable to external factors which makes her Fallen.
Hair Dye:

Pigment color of your skin fit:
    If your skin is dark brown pigments Stnaspk light (dark brown, medium and light brown, dark and blond, brown-Ghazali), but lighter than those colors will not be right for you like the color red. It will increase your skin tan.
If an ordinary brown Stnaspk these colors (red, light brown, dark blond, light brown).
If white or full color Hantih Vtanaspk almost.

Hair characteristics for each and every problem has a solution
Your hair is exposed to many factors may hurt and lose its luster and beauty. And each type of hair characteristics and methods of taking care of him. Here we offer you solutions to all your hair problems whatsoever and for whatever the problem which you are suffering Kaltqcef and hair loss, dandruff and other.

Itching in the head:
     In case of itching in the head, be sure there are no lice, especially for boys, where the situation is more common. On the other hand may produce itching of not washing your hair and remove the shampoo in a way good or of the cortex that appear when you get allergic to certain types of shampoo. Ham got itching for a long time talk to your doctor, dermatologist, but do not wash your hair for a period of 48 hours from the scheduled date, the doctor can see the quality of the hair and scalp.

Hair loss:
    It is natural to lose hair thirtieth rights to seventy a day, except that the amount is different for people and this increase after bathing. Because shampoos contribute to hair loss. In addition, increasing the amount of hair falling during the spring and fall, or when you get Harmonic changes in the body. Therefore, there is no reason for concern, especially if you see your hair grow for the same as that which falls so do not feel that he began to hide.
If either the percentage of hair falling on normal you can go to a specialist and Tstamli vitamins that speed up hair growth.

    Difficulty in your hair in a beautiful show that your body needs water, and your hair a lot of drought, may result from fatigue or frequent use of the dye for coloring hair, in which case it is better to Theft from the use of the dye and leave your hair rest for some time, as well as you can work day before the oil bath to wash the hair, or Tamil masks nutrient for hair.

Greasy hair:
    If your hair is oily, you can go to a doctor, dermatologist to address the discharge excess fatty, note that some medicines and some types of birth control pills can improve the quality of your hair, and remember that when your hair is oily, the more his condition worse is that exposing yourself to overwork or to pollution or other harmful factors.

Wilting hair:
    If you see that your hair suddenly wilted after birth or after Haddocks surgery or the result of fatigue. Wash your hair with vinegar and lemon.

Your hair and hygiene:
    Hygiene is the ideal solution to address the crust. It must be the use of medical shampoo is able to eliminate these fungi.

Your hair is light:
    If your hair is light you can Tatmda hairstyle appropriate to make it seem more intense. So Aatmda short hairstyle or progressive.

    If you have bombed your hair, making it more rough, then you will know that long hair are more prone to this, so Quay your hair a few centimeters, and Aatmda soft shampoo and cream moisturizer to nourish the hair of the Parties.
Your hair and dried.
Better not Tstamli hair dryer after bathing. Automatically invited your hair dry, otherwise it is best to wait to dry thoroughly before drying.
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17 Approve Ways To Magically Improve Your Skin

1:    No soap can irritate the skin: 
       Soap types currently on the market, most of which contain moisturising ingredients, not as in the past
       will make the skin dry, mild bath soap launched by many companies, can also be used to clean the face.

2:    Your skin care products from the same series:
      Skin care product selection key to see if your skin without having to adhere to the same series of the
      same brand, what do you think of what good!

3:    No make-up just water to clean the skin:
      In fact, the water can make the skin become fresh moisture, but can not clean the skin, the oil will adhere
      to the face with the towel, needed some cleansing products of lipid decontamination.

4:    Skin desquamation is not a disease: 
      Oily skin, excessive cleaning or contraction of the rehabilitation of water will cause the skin surface dry
      looks peeling off. However, regardless of what type of skin along the hairline desquamation may
      dermatitis, the nose on both sides of desquamation may be eczema. If the skin is continuing this dry,
      scaling, I suggest you go to the doctor.

5:    Anti-wrinkle cream to remove wrinkles: 
      Anti-wrinkle cream can really do, but nutrition skin, temporarily make the skin smooth and calm the
      appearance of fine lines. The formation of wrinkles in addition to the time of greatest impact, UV is a
      deadly killer, so aging, full sun is the best way.

6:    The skin always clean enough: 
      Many people think that, face wash the more ground, the hotter the water temperature, skin, and to do so
      will only cause the plateau face, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive. In fact, sooner or later the wash
      is sufficient.

7:    Oily skin without the use of body lotion:  
      Oily skin also encountered the problem of dry, especially in air-conditioned room also need to be
      properly moisture. Now there are many refreshing type of moisturizer, especially suitable for oily skin.

8:    A series of natural skin care products most suitable for sensitive skin:
      The use of plant, herbal extract from the skin care products is indeed very good, but thought they were
      the most suitable for sensitive skin may be wrong. Because you may be allergic to a chemical product, is      
      also entirely possible that plant pollen allergy.,,

9:     25 years of age need to use eye cream:
       20-year-old may need eye cream because the skin around the eyes is very thin, is one of the first
       wrinkles place, where the oil glands which, if not moisturise dry, easily, but on general moisturiser might
       be too greasy, and that the puffy eyes, resulting in fat particles.

10:    Repair An liquid to close the pores: 
        Do not think that the pores of the door, you can not turn. Repair the Yan fluids, or contraction of water
        just make the skin shrink slightly to make the pores look small, to maintain this effect will not long, and
        the skin will return as.

11:    Hair conditioner to repair split ends of hair: 
        After the bifurcation of the hair by hair conditioner is impossible to healing, the only remedy is to cut off
        the fork part.,,

12:    Dip a cotton ball on the black things are dirt: 
         Black things always seem scary, especially when your face grazed Wash, it became SALESWOMAN
         order to sell products the best means. In fact, the black reaction in the cotton balls, some dirt, the only
         residue of cosmetics, dead skin anisopliae and grease. 

13:    In the beauty salon on a regular basis can promote skin   health skin care:  
        A facial is designed to deep cleansing, promote blood circulation, make you relax and get
        psychological satisfaction, if you think the skin will be significantly better health care probably will be

14:    Everyone should be used for the rehabilitation of water:
  Rehabilitation of water residue after removal of cleansing effect very well, but if you do not make-up,
        or easily rinse clean clean face, without the use of the rehabilitation of water,,

15:    Moisturiser impeccably better:
        The skin is a need for moisturizer the number of absorbed much, wiping more will only clog pores and
        cause acne and eye puffiness. So, start or less Tu.

16:    Blackhead only squeeze in order to remove:
         The correct cleaning methods can prevent acne, the best use of oxidation of the formyl acne treatment
         instrument to dry them off, do not advocate the use squeeze.

17:    Hypoallergenic will not have an allergic reaction: 
        The so-called hypoallergenic means that the product does not contain some special ingredients that
        cause allergic reactions - such as spices, but you still might be allergic to other ingredients.
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Monday, 5 March 2012

What girls really think guys who pluck?

Table: you sit in front of a girl so hot that you do not always come back to be there. Everything works like clockwork. You slide a hand under the table to one knee and subtly caressing horror here, instead of a smooth and soft skin, this is the Amazon rainforest.
Horrified? It would be less. But have you ever wondered what she feels she when she must dig through your rainforest? To sort out fact from fiction, we asked the girls to our Panel Men's Life Today ™ to tell the truth, the whole truth about what they think of your hair. From head to toe. Enlightening answers.
Samantha, 21Danielle, 23Veronica, 24Stacey, 24Stella, 24Natalia, 25

Hairy chest

"Unless you are a pro swimmer and therefore be forced to shave completely, I do not see the point of waxing his chest. I like hairy chests. Not good at King Kong either. I try to go out with fellow anyway! " - Veronica
"The breasts too hairy, it really is not sexy. "- Samantha
"If tweezers do a little less for caveman, ok. But shaving, not . " - Stacey
Wild belly
"No brush, please. I love being able to find the navel! Short hair, the same length as the torso, it's perfect. "- Stacey 

"If hair hiding your abs, it's time to unsheathe the clip guys. Yeah. I want to see that there are down there. Come on, the abs out! " - Danielle
"The line of hairs on the lower abdomen, that makes him always . "- Stella
Bushy armpits
"No girl wants to have a surprise package every time you raise your arms. So we cut a minimum. " - Stella
"You Tarzan, me Jane. All men should have hair under the armpits. Well it's not a ground breaking either! " - Danielle
"Always nickel, so regular showers" - Stacey
Forearm hair
"You should always have enough hair there at least resemble the heroes of  Teen Wolf , but if that's the case, we will have you épiliez elsewhere. " - Danielle
"Never shave your arms. Ever. Under penalty of failure. As long as we can see the skin, no worries for me. " - Veronica
Fed up!
"Oust! Whatever the means used to get rid of it! " - Danielle
"The hairs on the back are ugly and unsightly. "- Samantha
"The hairs on the back are never - repeat  never - sexy. It is as if a bear was hiding under the collar of your shirt. For pity's sake, take them out. All . " - Stella
"A hairy back is worse than acne. " - Natalia
Below the belt
"To please me, he must make some effort in that direction. Clear the ground a minimum but be careful regrowth if the partner is also plucks the pubis. It can create very unpleasant friction. " - Veronica
"If you cut an inch, you can" win "three centimeters, optical effect. If you know what I mean. " - Stacey
"If this is the jungle below, say it is just buddy, huh! " - Danielle
Long hair on legs
"hairs? Of course. With pleasure. "- Stacey
"If you are hairy across the Yeti, frankly, the legs, it should be the least of your worries! " - Natalia
"I'm the only one to remain smooth and soft! - Danielle
"Better that they are hairy. Otherwise, I can believe in the morning that I slept with my best friend. - Veronic
Course of action
"Stay cool with your hair, too much or not enough developed. Some girls like hair, some do not. But believe me, we will not succumb because you shaved armpits or because you torso looks like a mirror. If a girl requires you to remove hair, it is perhaps worth the trouble. "- Veronica 

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Art of Shaving Body (Mens)

You remember that boy in primary school who had hairy backs? Probably called "werewolf" or "yeti" at school, he was forced to learn the art of shaving body as a teenager (or force that is paid to his head in the locker room, it has become entrenched himself and was resigned to playing a deaf ear).
Now that you grew up and Borden testosterone, the issue of body hair is not as funny. To shave or not, and which body parts? Everything depends on you and only you. That said, know that taking care of his body has never been more fashionable.
"This is something that men are not ashamed to address and it was time! "Said the dermatologist Lisa Kellett. "Many more men treat their appearance by shaving the body more evenly. "
For a successful body shave without cuts or ingrown hairs, it must adopt different strategies from those used for shaving the face. Here are some tips for clearing everything up to the groin, where it can sometimes be difficult to identify the beast in this savanna.
Any body part always shave your body after or during your shower, so your skin and your hair is as flexible as possible. For an even smoother shave, Dr. Jeffrey Nabisco  dermatologist and expert on skin care, advises the use of electric clippers or scissors to get rid of the shag. Then apply a gel or shaving cream and use a razor that molds to your body. Rinse regularly.
Armpits Remember the sacrosanct rule of shaving: never press the skin with the razor. To avoid cuts and ingrown hairs, you must drag the razor over the skin. When finished, temporarily avoid using alcohol to a deodorant: it will cause irritation.
Chest Of course, women pluck their legs upwards, but this is not an example to follow (especially on the breast, whose skin is more flexible). Slide the razor up and down more often, except around the nipples, as this is a very sensitive area (imagine if you lost a nipple, everybody look at you a funny look at the beach). Follow the direction of the hair and avoid variable to hang dry skin.
Back. Do not try this alone. The person doing the shaving should be limited to the above tips (shave against the grain, let the razor glide, etc..). Ah yes, last little sage advice: never ask a girl to shave here on your first appointment.

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