Friday, 29 June 2012

Clean skin in 10 minutes.

Minute 1. With only 10 minutes of our free time, you can have a fresh look on your face. You should start by washing your face with warm water and a cleaner appropriate for the type of skin you have.
Minute 2. Exfoliation is the key to radiant skin, therefore you must have a washcloth always ready for everyday use. If you scrub, you can make one by mixing ½ cup sugar with olive oil or sunflower oil enough to moisten the pasta. Make a circular motion to remove dead cells and leaves the appearance of new skin layers.

Minute 3-7. Try a mask at least twice a week. A good choice is aspirin crushed and mixed with a little water.Apply it in the face, let dry and then enguadas. The acid in aspirin is an excellent exfoliant.
Minute 8. massaging the face and neck with a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.If you are out in the sun make sure you have an SPF of 15 or higher.
Minute 9. Using the ring finger and gently apply cream to the eyes. This will help nurture this delicate area of the face.
Minute 10!!. Locate the spots on your skin and apply a treatment for acne gel. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are two of the best ingredients to remove stains on the face and neck. If you have any reaction to these ingredients is better to stop using them and you go to the doctor to recommend you another alternative.
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Skin detoxification | Clear skin tips

We have heard much about the detoxification of the body, but what about the detoxification of the skin topically? While cleaning the body internally offers great benefits to the skin, but the body's largest organ is continuously exposed to pollutants, irritants, dirt and makeup that have longer lasting effects than previously thought. Surprisingly it is not difficult to purify or purge the skin of all attacks receive, the humidifier balances the brightness of healthy skin. The tools are simple and can be done in just 3 minutes twice a day.
The first step is cleaning. Even if you're at home, these exposure and environmental pollutants have harmful effects on the delicate skin of the face and neck. Allergens such as dust, pet dander and even residues of certain cleaning products, all work against the healthy balance of the skin. Whenever you're adding salt pollution, sun, air, and allergens that can be removed from the skin of its nutrients and balance pH. Cleaning removes all these enemies of healthy skin.For a facial more meaningful, choose a cleanser that works deeply but it is soft. The cleanser should gently exfoliate the skin and feel that sense of freshness. The results of a skin cleaning should be calm and not irritated or sensitive.
Any cleaner should be followed by a moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that complements the pH balance should be the most important component of the routine to detoxify the skin. The moisturizer is needed to help restore the skin below the surface. Moisturizers help in building a defensive barrier against impurities, but only if it is made of natural ingredients with very few chemicals. Because the skin can not survive without water, lotion works with the fluids you take to maintain a natural balance on the surface of the skin.
When the goal is to detoxify or make a deep facial cleansing, a toner is a significant part of the regime. Toners are used to refine pores, complete the bleaching process and restore the skin's surface to be able to absorb the nutrients better moisturizer. The most effective toners are also gentle and leaves skin fresh and refined. A toner should not cause skin burn or itch. A mild tingling is acceptable but not necessary for the toning works well. Whereas open pores cleaner to clean deep, a toner help close the pores thereof to protect them from the impurities that exist in the environment.
The cumulative effects of these three products create a detoxifying effect leaving the surface of the polished face, cleansed and silky smooth. If you omit one of these steps will not have the same effect that the skin craves. Choose a line that is designed and balanced to work together. This helps to ensure that the skin will not be too dry or oily. Use 3 different lines of products can work well but may require some experimentation to find the right products.
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Friday, 15 June 2012

Dermatologist and skin diseases treatment


This article focuses on pimples and acne, Highliting the Acne problem, dispels some common myths and Shows the most authenticated and Affordable ways of treatment offers suggestions by dermatologists for preventing acne and lesions of the skin related with acne.

What is Acne

The most common form of acne is called Acne Vulgaris, and this is one we know as the "buttons". Blackheads and whiteheads are in this category, and pustules. The white dots are formed when the pores are blocked completely that causes sebum (oil produced by skin), Then these pores get filled by dead skin cells and bacteria. White dots appear as small white lesions on the surface of the skin. Blackheads are similar, but in this case the pore is only partially
You can remove them if absolutely necessary. But it is wise to resist the temptation as much as possible. Hence, A competent dermatologist is highly recommended.

Depending on the severity of your problem, these home remedies simple will very effectively eliminate your acne problems. However, if you have a severe form of acne that will not disappear, it is important to seek professional medical advice from a general dermatologist...

e skin. Blackheads are similar, but in this case the pore is only partially blocked

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Instant skin freshness, Masks that work!

There are millions of ways to keep your face clean, beautiful and fresh all year, without much effort. While beyond the masks also must maintain a daily skin care, makeup residue and clean at night, wash it every morning, and use sun cream to protect, or dust masks are of little use to maintain your skin healthy and beautiful. 

There are many types of masks. Here I will give you some very simple and will serve for the entire year, depending, of your problem and skin type. 

But before applying any of these masks, please clear your skin of any oily residue or a cream makeup and then remove it with cold water. If your skin is clean mixes will do a better effect on your skin. 

For dry skin: Recipe # 1 * To make this mask you need an egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil, mix the ingredients evenly and apply it on your face except your eyes and mouth. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes and remove it with warm water, then cold water to close your pores.

 Recipe # 2 * To make this mask you will need an avocado or avocado and milk, grind the avocado and add the milk to form a creamy and smooth. Then apply it on your face except eyes and and mouth if you want to relax even more, while wearing the mask you put cucumber slices on your eyes, that fatigue release of toxins and your eyelids and let cool, let the mask for about 20 min. and remove it with warm water as before. 

For dry skin: Recipe # 3 * To make this mask you need, an egg white juice of a lemon and oatmeal.Mix the ingredients into a paste not too watery. Apply it to your face and leave on for 20 min. and remove it with warm water and then wash your face with cold water to close your pores.

 For all skin types. For me the mask that works best and what I like most is or rather, are based yogurt I say they are because there are many varieties, but all are in most the same effect. 

Recipe # 4 * To this mixture you need a pot of yogurt without sugar and the pulp of a cucumber, grind the pulp into the grinder or blender and mix it with yogut, this mask will clean, moisturize and hydrate your skin as possible, leave on for 20 minutes on your skin by applying it in your face, remove it with cold water. 

exfoliating masks, to free your skin of dead cells and blackheads. * You will need 3 tablespoons of table salt and a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it on your face, massaging or bottom-up and then out, leave it on for 10 min. and remove it from your skin with warm water. * Also serving add sugar and a squeeze of lemon or orange juice to a usual cream apply the same way as the above mixture and remove with warm water. Well girls I hope you liked the article, and to use these recipes to make your skin look like it deserves because skin look fresh and cute, is showing healthy. They can also do it together with friends to do something more entertaining treatment....
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diet for fresh and glowing skin - 10 selected Foods list

To follow a diet rich in natural vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential oils and good fats can be good for your skin . Here are some foods that you mean well. 

Keep skinyoung remains freshall day is hard work during the summer months, and this is hardly easier the rest of the year as and as we age!People spend hundreds of dollars of their hard earned money in care products and spa treatments that are roughly the same as what you can do yourself at home, with all natural ingredients, and a power supply suitable and healthy. To help you on your way to a skin brighter and healthier, here are 10 foods that are easy to find that are sure to nourish and refresh the skin on your body:

Dermo-nutrition: 10 foods for beautiful skin  !

Beautiful skin diet
glowing skin formula

1) Salmon

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3, is a delicious and healthy component that can integrate any good diet. Salmon is also full of other goodies for your skin , such as vitamins A, D, B6 and B12, and contains plenty of iron and calcium as well. Also check out our healthy recipes Salmon " Salmon Sashimi "and" Cream of green asparagus with salmon strips ".

2) Nuts / Seeds

Not only the nuts are a good source of natural oils and essential fatty acids, but they also contain something that is necessary in your quest for a skin clear: the antioxidants. Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts cashews, walnuts, flax and other seeds and nuts are rich in omega-3, natural oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Also see our article " Want to live longer? Eat these 20 foods " .

3) Spinach

This green leafy vegetable is delicious, versatile and incredibly good for your skin . Spinach is a rich source of iron, and also contain many vitamins and minerals, which are not only of great importance for the skin , but also fantastic for your body and your diet too. See also our article " healthy foods, fruits and vegetables 15 very healthy ".

4) Algae

Of course, the algae are good for your skin . Algae are found in many of the best care products for skin , and in more than 50% of revenues care of skin to prepare yourself. Some people do not realize, however, they do not withdraw from advantages of algae by putting them directly only on the skin . You should also eat algae.See also our article on the acai berry , an extract of red algae.

5) Eggs

Whichever way you cook them, eggs are good for you. Eggs provide vitamin B complex, vitamin A and selenium, which is a bit like this that vitamin E is for your body and for your skin . Eggs are also good forfeeding the damaged hair. Check also our handout " Mayo regimen, also called the egg diet . "

6) Citrus

Beta-carotene is essential for the skin young, he is the most natural form of vitamin A and it works with your body the most natural of ways. Many citrus and other tropical fruits such as mango , nectarines and peaches, can really help to bring natural brightness and radiant your skin . Also see our article " four good ways to add fruit to your diet . "

7) Lawyers

Many face masks and cleansers use fresh avocados in their recipes. However, have you realized how lawyers can be surprisingly good for food for you too? This does not only help your skin when you apply directly over the lawyers. Eat enough lawyers in your weekly diet produce significant effects on the skin and hair. Lawyers also provide vitamin E, natural acids and natural oils, making it a good food to add to your diet food, even if you do not have problems with skin . Also see our article " Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet  : the right time ".

8) Tomatoes

Eat plenty of tomatoes allow your body to function smoothly, and make your skin radiant and refreshed.Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants are also incredible. Also see our article " Foodto lose weight during the summer . "

9) potatoes / sweet potatoes

Carbohydrates can be delicious! Many people shun carbohydrates starch from potatoes and sweet potatoes, but these foods are nevertheless commendable! Potatoes and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamins such as vitamins A and C, and they are full of antioxidants, starches, oils and acids useful, your body absorbs quickly as fuel. Adopt a diet based on these natural and healthy carbohydrates can improve your complexion in less than a week . Also see our articles " slimming Recipe: Fried potatoes in the pan "and" Starchy foods are important for health . "

10) Mushrooms

Most people underestimate the power of edible mushrooms. These delicious mushrooms are full of zinc and selenium, and were part of the diet of healthy people for centuries. Eating lots of mushrooms in your diet can greatly affect the softness of your skin , and helps remove any blackheads or whiteheads that you might have.See also our article " Table of vitamins and calories more than 400 food ". hope you found these tips helpful, and you try to adopt a diet healthier, more natural to keep the health of the skin , and clean up your lifestyle. And remember, what is natural is always better. See also our article in the report " Foodand acne: links, causes and effects ".
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Optimizing your diet for healthy skin!


Pizza, chips, prepackaged salad, tomatoes and unripe insipid, sweets, sandwiches and hamburgers, chips, frozen prepared entrees ...: what do we find in these foods? Processed white flour, meat and cheese fat, too much sodium, trans fats, preservatives, sugar white, very little fiber and artificial colors. These foods have no nutritional value in their consumption and is a disaster for health and beauty. Yet, these are "foods" highly consumed in France today.
If you are among those favoring this kind of power, you will suffer from a lack of energy and vitality as well as various diseases and pains. Furthermore, this poor diet will be reflected sooner or another on your appearance: dull hair, brittle nails, pale and dull skin problems.
The fastest way and cheapest way to change your look and feel better, both mentally and physically, is to adopt a healthier diet.
And there is nothing easier!
A majority of processed foods is not grown or prepared with a view to their energy value, but in that corporate profits. Due to intensive farming and poor management of soil, food products and lack of taste and nutritional qualities. Add to that chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and genetic engineering, and get other annoyances.

Your meals should  consist of foods high in complex carbohydrates and fiber, low fat and moderately high in protein. You should consume daily a wide variety of natural foods, unprocessed, organic preferences: for example fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, a handful of nuts and seeds, fresh and raw, a little olive oil extra virgin, cold linseed oil or virgin coconut oil.
Eat eggs laid by hens raised organically. You can eat every day or several times a day if you do not have other sources of animal protein. (If you have high cholesterol or have to pay attention, ask your doctor whether you can eat eggs as often, even if you are vegetarian).
Our meat consumption (red as white) and seafood should be a day of 85-115g. Try to buy only organic poultry and free-range, fish, wild shellfish, sins on the high seas (such as salmon, cod, mackerel, and haddock), meat (pork, beef) from animals fed with fodder and who did not receive hormones or steroids or antibiotics. Other animal protein sources, such as sheep or big game, are rarely contaminated by chemicals. Avoid eating animal protein in large quantities because they are often high in fat and devoid of fiber.
You can also find the necessary proteins in soy products (tofu, tempeh, soy burgers, etc.), proteins of rice and peas, nut butters, seeds, bread with sprouted seeds, bean sprouts, seaweed and mixtures of cereals and pulses.
A healthy balanced diet consisting of foods, feeds the body from the inside and this is reflected outside.
A fruity drink 
Each morning, mix a handful of defrosted frozen fruits: raspberries, strawberries, melon, mango or banana, then add about 250ml of soy milk or rice, a spoonful of plain yogurt (goat, at best).
Yes, it is difficult to pronounce, but here's a short explanation: scientists increasingly recognize that proanthocyanidins are the most potent antioxidants (ie molecules with anti-aging). They fight free radicals cause oxidation, the process responsible for the rust, the browning of a cut apple or age spots. Proanthocyanidins are present only in plants and green pigments blue, yellow, red and violet.
Proanthocyanidins, in liquid or powder, can be found in any health food store or organic and often contain the following ingredients: red wine, black grapes, raisins, prunes, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, spinach, kale, blackcurrants, rosehips, turmeric, ginger, pine bark, grape seed, green tea, ginkgo leaf, hawthorn leaf and oregano. It is advisable to include many of these foods in your daily diet. Another advantage is that liquid formulations of proanthocyanidins are generally delicious and taste like fruit juice.
Sunflower seeds and pumpkin
Mix equal amounts of raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin in a plastic container or bag. Take this fun and delicious crunchy with you (it will serve as a quick but healthy snack) or sprinkle in your salad (instead of croutons). These seeds contain essential fats and high iron amounts and zinc.Omega-3 and omega-6 raw, unprocessed and uncooked, are perhaps the two most powerful weapons in the arsenal wrinkle. Fats preserve the flexibility and youthful skin. The fatty acids were also raw powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes good cardiovascular health and relieves pain.
Another solution is to swallow one or two tablespoons of virgin olive oil fresh flax, olive (extra virgin), fish or coconut.....
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Friday, 1 June 2012

7 Foods to make her hot in 20 minutes. Hot diets for females

Food with the role of women's sexual arousal - ( Female Sexual health) 

<1> sub-hen: small hen not lay eggs, rich in protein, vitamins 2, 8 family of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.. Its delicious taste, nature, nourishing yin, fill complement fine marrow function. Nutritional deficiencies, weak libido of the woman should take. 
<2> Silky: also known as Wuji, drug chicken, Blackfoot chicken. Contain vitamin 81, vitamin, pantothenic acid, protein, fat, etc.. Its delicious taste, nature, the power of Ziyinqingre, liver and kidney. Tonic food for adult women, "Compendium of Materia Medica" that it "tonic labor, Treatment of Diabetes, maternity benefits, collapse of governance woman vaginal discharge, all wasting embolism." Women eat nourishing yin and kidney yang. improve sexual desire. And she will go horny and will feel sexual feelings. 

<3> pigeon: the pigeon contains rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, potassium, containing less fat. Its delicious taste, nature, have liver or kidney Qi, add the power of the fine blood."Compendium of Materia Medica", "pigeon-sex prostitution together, hence the name. Where the birds are male by the female of this special female male multiply, so their sexual prostitution." Women eat pigeon adjustable qi and blood, and increase libido. 

<4> dry duck: also known as Yang duck, musk duck. Rich in protein, vitamins and essential amino acids. Its delicious flavor, slightly warm, warming yang, improve sexual function.Treatable cause of frigidity due to kidney yang. "Compendium of Materia Medica," pointed out: "their sexual prostitution, male and female intersect, and will be four or five times, the housing demand used; yang Road, waist and knee health, fill Mingmen heated dirty." 
<5> snow frog: being in Barkol snow-capped mountains, Xinjiang, China, the shape of frog, Bianshen gold lined. A precious delicious and complement 
beneficial food. Its great heat, and fill Mingmen benefits pubic region of the power, can improve female sexual function. Menstrual period does not take this thing. 
<6> black beans: also known as black beans, black beans. Rich in protein, isoflavones, substances and carotene, niacin, vitamin 81. The isoflavone substances with estrogen-like effects. Its nature, tonifying the kidney, liver protection, with eyesight. Modern medicine has proved that the black beans have the function of female sexuality and beautify the skin. 
<7> Black eyed: contains vegetable protein, vitamin 81, niacin, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Its nature, spleen and kidney, Qi stressed efficacy. Women eat it regularly, can prevent gynecological diseases, sexual function. 

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40-30-30 Diet formula for all.

Many of you must have heard of a popular 40-30-30 diet. But what exactly is 40-30-30 means?
A 40-30-30 diet is 40% on the basis of a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein 30% and 30% fat.With the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, you can allow your body to burn stored fat, and made significant progress, the loss of excess fat tissue in the form of pounds. It is important to know, lose unnecessary pounds the key is to be able to access and burn off your body fat storage.
Eat a proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat, resulting in the reaction of the hormone, leading to energy burning fat storage. Do you eat any food for or against the two hormones, insulin and pancreatic glucagon. These two hormones work together to control blood sugar (glucose) levels.
The body to maintain a very narrow range of blood glucose (blood sugar). Insulin and glucagon in the hormone so that through the operation of this as a push-pull system: the main function of insulin is to maintain the high blood glucose levels in the blood, the main function of glucagon is to make sugar levels were too low.
40-30-30 ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat body to burn fat instead of sugars (carbohydrates) is the main source of fuel. To do so by adjusting the body to produce insulin dosage. It is important to know, fat, not body fat, insulin.
When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your insulin levels to rise, indicating that your body store fat. Insulin can ensure that the cells get the necessary blood sugar, it also inhibits fat burning, directly into the body fat almost half of the conversion of carbohydrates in your diet. This is certainly not what we want. We want to burn fat, rather than stored. Eat a 40-30-30 balance, insulin levels remain low, while raising the level of glucagon signals the body to mobilize fat for fuel.
Start 40-30-30 diet, check the purpose of burning stored fat, and any weight loss diet plan the perfect 40-30-30 nutrition bar. Supplements to provide better supplement....
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Ten Beutiful skin tips, Stay healthy

The weather is warming, you need to find something to ensure that you maintain a healthy and beautiful.This means nourishing your skin, the way it is the largest organ of our body. Our skin, inhalation, and it send the correct blood flow. Therefore, we must remember that we all on our face and body. Physical protection of our clothing, but we face from our lives in the climate, which is why it is important to nourish and maintain skin health from the inside line of defense.
Here are some tips, which will allow you see, feel great, and treat this summer from the sun.
A. Hydrate - Drink plenty of pure water. I usually tell my clients to drink half ounces of water weight, if they are exercised in the sun. beautiful skin tips are what every one is looking for.
Two. To help maintain a healthy intestinal macrobiotics, you must never underestimate the power of. Macrobiotics are friendly bacteria, which is needed to keep your gut happy and healthy. A strong gut, help regulate our immune system.
3. Eat a healthy diet are used to eating raw foods, foods high in omega-3 fatty acids to produce a moisturizing effect from the inside out, and antioxidants to help fight aging signs.
4. Great vitamins and minerals, as well as world-class pharmaceutical grade. Not too many companies out there, but there are at least four. In order to be completely absorbed in the intestine, the vitamin must have a higher bio availability. The bio availability select at least 85% or more vitamins.
5 To take the revitalization of the bath - cold to warm water, not hot! Organic salt bath is booming, and to help the dry skin off. Away from the hot water, because it deprives the skin of important nutrients.
6. Moisturize your body with non-organic moisturizers every day, such as organic coconut oil clogged.Coconut oil to nourish your skin and your hair, instead of clogging toxins damage the moisture do.
7. Drink organic green tea, drink cold with cinnamon touch. Green tea is a natural antioxidant, it also enhances the body of excess fluid loss. Cinnamon is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-biological. A lot of drinks, in the summer.
8. Sweet only stevia your drinks and food, looking for organic stevia. It is now becoming very popular.Stay away from sugar, because it is deprived of the natural processes of the body and skin. It will also be your middle section, you do not want to add extra weight.
9. Clean your skin at night. This is particularly important to clean and moisturize before you go to bed at night, before the revitalization of the sleep time to remove the impurities in the skin. Just make sure your moisturizer is not pollution and toxins.
10. Get plenty of rest. Schedule to keep your self, your circadian rhythm, flow and inspection. This is our melatonin and cortisol levels in circulation, regulate. Two body produce important hormones, to help keep us go.
Why do I emphasize organic so much? Because you do not know what is hidden in some of your labels can hurt you. Be sure to check your product, and, as far as possible, buy organic.
These tips are sure to make your skin beautiful ad healthy  forever young...!
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