Monday, 29 April 2013



Having beautiful skin, always full of sparkle and especially young as long as possible is what the dream all women is. But no miracle, beautiful skin is (somewhat) work. Some gestures in everyday life, tricks, good product ... just little capital to maintain your beauty. This is a blow to take that will earn you big!

Your program:
When you get up every morning, cleanse your skin and apply day cream. We then go to small massage exercises (which you discussed in detail in the following pages). If you have puffy eyes, two tea bags in cold compresses applied to the eyes work miracles. Cucumber slices, it works too! Finally, you can apply your makeup, with a light hand. More we put up more points on our tired features and defects.
The day, we think we will aerate and walk in a park to take a deep breath and enjoy the sun. Of course, we eat a balanced and varied and if you're brave, you practice a little physical activity.
In the evening, we do not zap stage cleansing that removes pollution and rid the skin of all the products you have applied. Again, some pressure and tapping on the face are beneficial. Finally, let your skin for at least 2 hours without leaving the product to breathe. Before going to bed, you can apply your cream in the evening.