Tuesday, 6 March 2012

17 Approve Ways To Magically Improve Your Skin

1:    No soap can irritate the skin: 
       Soap types currently on the market, most of which contain moisturising ingredients, not as in the past
       will make the skin dry, mild bath soap launched by many companies, can also be used to clean the face.

2:    Your skin care products from the same series:
      Skin care product selection key to see if your skin without having to adhere to the same series of the
      same brand, what do you think of what good!

3:    No make-up just water to clean the skin:
      In fact, the water can make the skin become fresh moisture, but can not clean the skin, the oil will adhere
      to the face with the towel, needed some cleansing products of lipid decontamination.

4:    Skin desquamation is not a disease: 
      Oily skin, excessive cleaning or contraction of the rehabilitation of water will cause the skin surface dry
      looks peeling off. However, regardless of what type of skin along the hairline desquamation may
      dermatitis, the nose on both sides of desquamation may be eczema. If the skin is continuing this dry,
      scaling, I suggest you go to the doctor.

5:    Anti-wrinkle cream to remove wrinkles: 
      Anti-wrinkle cream can really do, but nutrition skin, temporarily make the skin smooth and calm the
      appearance of fine lines. The formation of wrinkles in addition to the time of greatest impact, UV is a
      deadly killer, so aging, full sun is the best way.

6:    The skin always clean enough: 
      Many people think that, face wash the more ground, the hotter the water temperature, skin, and to do so
      will only cause the plateau face, and the skin becomes dry and sensitive. In fact, sooner or later the wash
      is sufficient.

7:    Oily skin without the use of body lotion:  
      Oily skin also encountered the problem of dry, especially in air-conditioned room also need to be
      properly moisture. Now there are many refreshing type of moisturizer, especially suitable for oily skin.

8:    A series of natural skin care products most suitable for sensitive skin:
      The use of plant, herbal extract from the skin care products is indeed very good, but thought they were
      the most suitable for sensitive skin may be wrong. Because you may be allergic to a chemical product, is      
      also entirely possible that plant pollen allergy.,,

9:     25 years of age need to use eye cream:
       20-year-old may need eye cream because the skin around the eyes is very thin, is one of the first
       wrinkles place, where the oil glands which, if not moisturise dry, easily, but on general moisturiser might
       be too greasy, and that the puffy eyes, resulting in fat particles.

10:    Repair An liquid to close the pores: 
        Do not think that the pores of the door, you can not turn. Repair the Yan fluids, or contraction of water
        just make the skin shrink slightly to make the pores look small, to maintain this effect will not long, and
        the skin will return as.

11:    Hair conditioner to repair split ends of hair: 
        After the bifurcation of the hair by hair conditioner is impossible to healing, the only remedy is to cut off
        the fork part.,,

12:    Dip a cotton ball on the black things are dirt: 
         Black things always seem scary, especially when your face grazed Wash, it became SALESWOMAN
         order to sell products the best means. In fact, the black reaction in the cotton balls, some dirt, the only
         residue of cosmetics, dead skin anisopliae and grease. 

13:    In the beauty salon on a regular basis can promote skin   health skin care:  
        A facial is designed to deep cleansing, promote blood circulation, make you relax and get
        psychological satisfaction, if you think the skin will be significantly better health care probably will be

14:    Everyone should be used for the rehabilitation of water:
  Rehabilitation of water residue after removal of cleansing effect very well, but if you do not make-up,
        or easily rinse clean clean face, without the use of the rehabilitation of water,,

15:    Moisturiser impeccably better:
        The skin is a need for moisturizer the number of absorbed much, wiping more will only clog pores and
        cause acne and eye puffiness. So, start or less Tu.

16:    Blackhead only squeeze in order to remove:
         The correct cleaning methods can prevent acne, the best use of oxidation of the formyl acne treatment
         instrument to dry them off, do not advocate the use squeeze.

17:    Hypoallergenic will not have an allergic reaction: 
        The so-called hypoallergenic means that the product does not contain some special ingredients that
        cause allergic reactions - such as spices, but you still might be allergic to other ingredients.