Thursday, 29 March 2012

Attract Girls and Know What she wants to see in you?

Sometimes you walk in the street, you think about things that bother you ... It's almost the partials, your bank account is overdrawn :) And then, presto! you see and you wonder how to attract a girl . It's like if you woke suddenly, your attention is focused ona face (or another body part) that is somehow separate from the rest of the crowd, in fact, the crowd, you do not even see . You do not see it. 
Why then this alarm? Just because the girl stands out. Hence the first rule for  attract a girl  -

Be different.
 of course it is not to walk in hot pink thong with a flashing light on the head. All that is really loud should be avoided unless you are able to bear the consequences: for example, if you dye your hairgreen, we must learn to find a valid explanation. Back on topic -there are several techniques to distinguish.

With regard to clothing - looks a little about how people around youdress in general. If you notice that everyone is wearing blackyou just have to put the whiteObviously I've simplified thingsbut you understood the principledoes not itAnother thing - your clothesmust be harmonicLook at the stars or politicians on TVtheir choice of clothes is done by professionals you can trust them.CautionThere are stars that it is important not to be modeled,unless you want to spend a clownI think of Elton John :)


 you have to look straight aheadhead up, shouldersand back straightSo you say to those around you, "Look, I have confidence in myself, I am strong, I'm doing well." This is extremely importantNobody notices people walking head down as if theywere afraid of something.
 Then ... If you had a right to look, especially do not turn yours.Wait 2-3 seconds and if the girl continues to watch you, use yoursecret weapon - a smileThis is really the most effective weapon in existence! If your smile has provoked a reaction from the girl (be it asmile or a look interested), you can go to the next step - beginning conversation.