Monday, 5 March 2012

Art of Shaving Body (Mens)

You remember that boy in primary school who had hairy backs? Probably called "werewolf" or "yeti" at school, he was forced to learn the art of shaving body as a teenager (or force that is paid to his head in the locker room, it has become entrenched himself and was resigned to playing a deaf ear).
Now that you grew up and Borden testosterone, the issue of body hair is not as funny. To shave or not, and which body parts? Everything depends on you and only you. That said, know that taking care of his body has never been more fashionable.
"This is something that men are not ashamed to address and it was time! "Said the dermatologist Lisa Kellett. "Many more men treat their appearance by shaving the body more evenly. "
For a successful body shave without cuts or ingrown hairs, it must adopt different strategies from those used for shaving the face. Here are some tips for clearing everything up to the groin, where it can sometimes be difficult to identify the beast in this savanna.
Any body part always shave your body after or during your shower, so your skin and your hair is as flexible as possible. For an even smoother shave, Dr. Jeffrey Nabisco  dermatologist and expert on skin care, advises the use of electric clippers or scissors to get rid of the shag. Then apply a gel or shaving cream and use a razor that molds to your body. Rinse regularly.
Armpits Remember the sacrosanct rule of shaving: never press the skin with the razor. To avoid cuts and ingrown hairs, you must drag the razor over the skin. When finished, temporarily avoid using alcohol to a deodorant: it will cause irritation.
Chest Of course, women pluck their legs upwards, but this is not an example to follow (especially on the breast, whose skin is more flexible). Slide the razor up and down more often, except around the nipples, as this is a very sensitive area (imagine if you lost a nipple, everybody look at you a funny look at the beach). Follow the direction of the hair and avoid variable to hang dry skin.
Back. Do not try this alone. The person doing the shaving should be limited to the above tips (shave against the grain, let the razor glide, etc..). Ah yes, last little sage advice: never ask a girl to shave here on your first appointment.