Wednesday, 28 March 2012

20 essential things to know about women and hot girls

  • 1. Women love to shop. The stores are the only places in the world where they are really at ease.
  • 2. Women love a "deal". It's not a question of "need" but rather an irresistible urge to buy.
  • 3. Women never have anything to wear. And do not ask stupid questions on the amount of clothes that clutter the closet because "you can not understand".
  • 4. Women need to cry. And they will not do their own thing and all alone, no ... Unless they are sure you will hear them.
  • 5. Women will always ask you questions for which there is no right answer. This is just to make you feel guilty.
  • 6. Women love to talk. The silence scares them and they prefer to say anything to avoid it.
  • 7. women need to know that there are people worse than they. That's why they love to watch soaps on TV and talk show where we unwrap a sordid private life.
  • 8. women do not need as much sex as men. This is why men see things under the aspect of physical sex, while women see it as the sentimental aspect. In fact, just knowing that a man wants to have sex with them is sufficient to fill them sexually.
  • 9. Women hate insects and other bugs. Even the strongest of them need a man to get rid of a spider or a wasp.
  • 10. women can not keep a secret. For them, talking to two or three people, not to disclose it. And what good to be aware of a secret if you can not tell someone?
  • 11. Women always go to the bathroom in groups. It gives them a chance to gossip.
  • 12. women do not know not to answer a ringing phone, no matter what they do at this point, it is perhaps "the bag RTL".
  • 13. Women think all beer is like.
  • 14. women have always at least three different shampoos, plus two or three conditioner. And we do not talk all the paraphernalia of day creams, night, twilight etc. ...
  • 15. women do not understand the infatuation of men in sports. Men need it to escape everyday reality, while women are looking for something that reminds them of how reality * could * be horrible.
  • 16. If a man goes on a trip for a week, it will take clothes for 5 days (or less) and put some clothes twice, and if it is a woman who goes traveling for a week, it will take 21 different outfits because that she does not know what mood she will be every day.
  • 17. women wear their hair * before * going to bed.
  • 18. Look at how a woman eats her ice and you have a good idea of ​​his talents in bed.
  • 19. women are paid less than men. Unless a category: Top models.
  • 20. women have * never * wrong. Apologizing is always on the man "It is written in the Bible." Hmmm, who handed the apple to Adam?