Monday, 5 March 2012

What girls really think guys who pluck?

Table: you sit in front of a girl so hot that you do not always come back to be there. Everything works like clockwork. You slide a hand under the table to one knee and subtly caressing horror here, instead of a smooth and soft skin, this is the Amazon rainforest.
Horrified? It would be less. But have you ever wondered what she feels she when she must dig through your rainforest? To sort out fact from fiction, we asked the girls to our Panel Men's Life Today ™ to tell the truth, the whole truth about what they think of your hair. From head to toe. Enlightening answers.
Samantha, 21Danielle, 23Veronica, 24Stacey, 24Stella, 24Natalia, 25

Hairy chest

"Unless you are a pro swimmer and therefore be forced to shave completely, I do not see the point of waxing his chest. I like hairy chests. Not good at King Kong either. I try to go out with fellow anyway! " - Veronica
"The breasts too hairy, it really is not sexy. "- Samantha
"If tweezers do a little less for caveman, ok. But shaving, not . " - Stacey
Wild belly
"No brush, please. I love being able to find the navel! Short hair, the same length as the torso, it's perfect. "- Stacey 

"If hair hiding your abs, it's time to unsheathe the clip guys. Yeah. I want to see that there are down there. Come on, the abs out! " - Danielle
"The line of hairs on the lower abdomen, that makes him always . "- Stella
Bushy armpits
"No girl wants to have a surprise package every time you raise your arms. So we cut a minimum. " - Stella
"You Tarzan, me Jane. All men should have hair under the armpits. Well it's not a ground breaking either! " - Danielle
"Always nickel, so regular showers" - Stacey
Forearm hair
"You should always have enough hair there at least resemble the heroes of  Teen Wolf , but if that's the case, we will have you épiliez elsewhere. " - Danielle
"Never shave your arms. Ever. Under penalty of failure. As long as we can see the skin, no worries for me. " - Veronica
Fed up!
"Oust! Whatever the means used to get rid of it! " - Danielle
"The hairs on the back are ugly and unsightly. "- Samantha
"The hairs on the back are never - repeat  never - sexy. It is as if a bear was hiding under the collar of your shirt. For pity's sake, take them out. All . " - Stella
"A hairy back is worse than acne. " - Natalia
Below the belt
"To please me, he must make some effort in that direction. Clear the ground a minimum but be careful regrowth if the partner is also plucks the pubis. It can create very unpleasant friction. " - Veronica
"If you cut an inch, you can" win "three centimeters, optical effect. If you know what I mean. " - Stacey
"If this is the jungle below, say it is just buddy, huh! " - Danielle
Long hair on legs
"hairs? Of course. With pleasure. "- Stacey
"If you are hairy across the Yeti, frankly, the legs, it should be the least of your worries! " - Natalia
"I'm the only one to remain smooth and soft! - Danielle
"Better that they are hairy. Otherwise, I can believe in the morning that I slept with my best friend. - Veronic
Course of action
"Stay cool with your hair, too much or not enough developed. Some girls like hair, some do not. But believe me, we will not succumb because you shaved armpits or because you torso looks like a mirror. If a girl requires you to remove hair, it is perhaps worth the trouble. "- Veronica